Avant Homes, Midlands

Avant Homes, Midlands

In 2022 our Flat Roofing division began a year long project to install flat roofs on single story buildings, dependent on house types, for Avant Homes.  Working across 5 housing developments the project, at the last count, saw a total of 61 plots have flat roofs installed on them.

Utilising Kingspan insulation and then a Protan SE PVC single-ply membrane the flat roofs are mechanically fitted so no adhesives or solvents are used. This means all materials and components of the system are fully-recyclable. The rolls of membrane overlap by a minimum of 120mm and are welded using hot air to create a homogenous waterproof seal.

As you can see from the photos the work has been completed to a very high standard!

Project Details

  • Location: Across the Midlands
  • Client: Avant Homes
  • Services: Flat Roofing