Hanger Refurbishment, Lincolnshire

Hanger Refurbishment, Lincolnshire

In early summer of 2023 our Screeding division completed a refurbishment to an old hangar in Lincolnshire to house rescue helicopters. As a number of helicopters could be housed in the hanger at anyone time the architect specified a high specification of ground materials and went for a combination of Kingspan GreenGuard GG300 Insulation with a topping of Flowcrete Ultimate-Screed.

The insulation boards offered a number of advantageous properties. These included thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK, good levels of resistance against groundwater and vapour penetration as well as a compressive strength of 300kPa at 10% compression.

The K-Screed was an early drying, rapid strength and semi-dry cementitious screed incorporating proprietary additives that achieves a high strength of 40N/mm2. The screed was able to take full site foot traffic after 3 days.

On top of that the job was pumped and completed to the client’s satisfaction in just one week!

Click here to view a video of the completed floor.

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