Sports Hall, Northwood – SR1 Surface Regularity Achieved

Sports Hall, Northwood – SR1 Surface Regularity Achieved

Early 2024 our Screeding Division completed a sports complex for a new client in the South East at a place called Northwood. This was a difficult job because the contractor required an SR1 finish on the sports hall floor as flatness was crucial.

The hall was approx. 900m2 and comprised of 100mm of insulation and 50mm of flow screed.

Although SR1 finish is extremely difficult to achieve (as it is 3mm plus or minus from datum) at post survey the results confirmed the floor was within 1mm across its entire surface. Both the commercial and production team for the contractor said it was the best screeded floor they had ever seen!

Of course we attribute this to the skill of our team that laid the screed.

In the photos you can see the finished hall from our perspective along with a short video of a colleague sanding the floor removing the laitance a couple of weeks after the screed had been laid.

Our Screeding Division (as always) provided a first class service from start to finish.  It is their professionalism as well as their expertise that means many first-time clients go on to become long term clients.

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