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External Façade

Choosing the correct external façade is a technical decision which will positively impact upon the life span and operating costs of a building.

Operating across all sectors of construction including Housing, Commercial, Healthcare, Education and Domestic, The ALD Group are market leaders in façade systems offering a wide range of innovative solutions and ideas from a comprehensive and technically proven range of render, rain screen cladding, and brick slip systems and products.

Our dedicated staff provide a seamless advice, contract management and technical support service to all clients and customers through a programme of continuous improvement which ensures we are able to offer true customer satisfaction.

Commitment to quality is the backbone of the company ethos which enables us to meet the design and aesthetic requirement essential to each project.

Insulated Render Systems

Placing a continuous layer of insulation on the outside of a building provides lower fuel costs through high level of energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through external walls.

These lightweight systems reduce the need for costly structural components and are often able to reduce new build construction costs and accelerate build programs.

Our huge range of innovative façade systems are available in a variety of colours and textures, used to create a broad range of weather-resistant, decorative and visually pleasing finishes.

All our systems have achieved full technical certification and are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty which offers a virtual maintenance free façade with a design life in excess of 30 years.

Render Only Systems

Our various systems are designed to be applied directly to solid wall, metal or timber frame structures on both new build and refurbishment projects.

With a wide range of colours and finishes available, true architectural and aesthetic style can be achieved.

Insulated Brick & Stone Cladding Systems

Consists of natural clay and brick effect slips, in a range of sizes, manufactured on polyurethane/EPS under factory controlled conditions.

Non load-bearing, lightweight stretcher, stack or flemish bond panels are produced to create ‘sheets’ which can be fixed directly to either masonry, timber or steel frame substrates on site.

With a full range of factory-produced or site-applied components to suit external corners, surrounds to window or door openings and any other abutments, the system can cater for most architectural designs. In fact, it could be said that as the system is not load-bearing the limits to use of the system are restricted only by the architect’s imagination.

Significantly improve the thermal performance of your buildings U-value by up to 60%.

Rain Screen Cladding

Available in large panel format to ensure cost effectiveness. Extremely reliant, this advanced cladding solution has been carefully developed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions;

It is the natural choice whether you would like; a material which is completely unique and contemporary, or a look which blends with its environment. It will allow you to achieve exactly what you have in mind – boasting an impressive colour pallet, ranging from through coloured boards, an iridescent surface; translucent and opaque coatings, to visible cement textures.

Stone Cladding

With such natural beauty, strength, durability and a superb choice of colours and finishes stone cladding is still the only option for many architects on their projects. ALD can supply and install a man-made alternative.

This system enables individuality and style combined with extreme environmental durability, high impact resistance and freedom from maintenance.

It is possible that our suppliers can create your cladding in a project specific colour and finish, giving you unlimited design possibilities.

The system is considerably lighter in weight than natural stone counterparts, driving down construction time and costs.

The installed cost of is usually a fraction of that of stone, allowing striking finishes to be achieved within realistic construction budgets.

Refurbishment and Renovation Project

Specific criteria for finishes may need to be achieved when contemplating installing onto an existing property. A full survey is essential to establish the individual requirements of each project and allows for detailed discussion based on actual site conditions.

Allowing for good planning and preparation to enable a more efficient installation and cost reduction our clients and customers have found this to be an invaluable part of the service we offer.

Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems

Recognising the need to adopt sustainable initiatives we operate and maintain strict compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.

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