We specialise in flowing screed, achieving strong and impact resistant floors that meet all the required regulations. We are one of the pioneers of Anhydrite based flowing screed having installed them for over 25 years since they were first introduced in the UK.

We have carried out screed floor installations at many of the UK’s most iconic buildings, including the famous Selfridges store in Birmingham.

Benefits in using Calcium Sulphate Flow screed include:

  • High early strength and impact resistance that readily achieves the requirements for category A floors
  • No curling or lifting
  • Ability to lay areas as large as a 1000m2 without joints.
  • A reduction in thickness when compared to traditional methods
  • Increased accuracy of placements with high placing rates and outputs up to 10x greater than conventional screed
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics and particularly suitable for use with either water or electrical underfloor heating systems
  • Correctly laid, surface flatness to SR2 (5mm under a 3m straight edge) may be readily achieved.

Cementitious Flow Screeds

Offering similar qualities to Calcium Flow Screeds but with the added benefit of quicker drying times to receive floor coverings.

Flowing Concrete

Offers the opportunity to undertake different types of work whilst retaining the benefits of Flowing Screed. The product unlike Flow Screed can be poured open air. Typical applications include slabs, oversites and domestic floors.


Flowing Screed   

Flowing Concrete

Flowing Cementitious Screed

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