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Floor Screeding

The ALD Group have over 30 years experience providing specialist floor screeding services, right across the UK. Working closely with our national supplying partners we have ready access to all types of factory produced screed products which are manufactured in dedicated ready-mixed screed plants and conform to BS EN 6001 and are manufactured to BS EN 13813 quality standards to ensure consistent quality of supply.

Our specialist knowledge, nationwide service and close working relationship with national suppliers makes ALD the perfect choice when it comes to screed.

Traditional Screed is generally suitable for:

  • Directly bonded to concrete slabs

  • Over suitable damp proof membrane

  • Over insulation or underfloor heating

  • Over precast concrete units or reinforced beams

  • Over in situ suspended floors

  • Over beam and block floors

  • Over certain roofing situations

Traditional non-modified screed

  • Optimum semi-dry consistency for easy laying and compaction

  • Conforms to BS EN 13813

  • Can be pumped in situ

  • Light Foot traffic - 4 Days

  • Site traffic - 7 days

Heavy Duty Sand Cement Screed

  • For use where high point loading or heavy trafficking is expected

  • For use where early strength development is required

  • Delivers greater final strength than conventional sand cement screed

  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813

Quick Drying Screed

  • Reduced drying shrinkage

  • Light foot traffic - 2 days

  • Site traffic - 5 days

  • Conforms to BS EN 13813

Rapid Drying

  • Improved flexural strength

  • Reduced permeability

  • Improved impact resistance

  • Improved performance for thinner bonded screeds

  • Foot traffic - 3 hours

  • Floor coverings after 24 hours

Thin Screeds

Sub-floor smoothing compounds, or underlays, are cement-based materials generally fluid in use but set and harden to form a hard, absorbent, smooth surface suitable to receive floor-coverings. They can be used to smooth out imperfections in the sub-floor. They may also be used as a thin screed, by the addition of aggregate, to provide a level floor where the necessary thickness for a conventional cement and sand screed is not available.

Flowing Concrete


  • Slabs
  • Structural toppings
  • Oversites
  • Domestic floors

Dedicated Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager will be appointed to your scheme to oversee initiation, planning and organisation, production and installation, monitoring and control as well as finalising the installation process and hand over.

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